Web Intents

About a month ago I held a presentation about Web Intents at work. But what are Web Intents anyway and what are they good for?

  • Web Intents  handle the Intent of an action, for example sharing content after clicking a button
  • Web Intents are not applications. They just tell the client, what they want him to do
  • Web Intents are “blind“, because they don’t know which application will handle the requested action

But who or what does the job then? It’s your browser which knows what to do, because a Web Intent has registered itself, once the web service has been accessed in an earlier moment.

If you’d like to know more about Web Intents – get a quick overview – feel free to take a look at my roughly translated Google Presentation (en – http://bit.ly/MIH1mb), or the original one (de – http://bit.ly/MIICsi).

In my opinion, Web Intents are awesome. The idea of not messing around with Facebook and Google and Twitter and Pinterest (amongst many, many others) no more is wonderful. And users wont have to search their favorite web service for a certain activity anymore.

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