Profile picture privacy on Facebook


So, let’s pretend you’re looking for someone on Facebook with a very generic name, for example John Smith. You’ll get quite a long list with tiny pictures, which don’t really help you. So you click on a profile link and hope to get a better look at John there.

But damn you, John!

He restricted the accessibility to his profile pic and you can’t see the full size. How the hell would you know, if it’s the John you’re looking for?


Facebook, granted us with a special feature. Now, for example, let’s pretend we want to add Mark instead of John. So we look for Mark Zuckerberg. Since he is a man who likes to protect his privacy, you can only see the tiny preview-profile-picture. But fear not, with a little trick you’ll get what you want:

  • open your profile
  • open your profile picture and open it (with a right click) in a new tab/window
  • switch over to Mark’s profile and open his tiny profile picture (with a right click) in a new tab
  • copy the filename of his image and replace the filename of your picture (2) with it
  • ???

Brought to you by “Tales about Facebook’s privacy – now with extra irony“!

P.S.: I don’t know for sure, but this might work on your high school crush’s Facebook profile too..

Profile picture privacy on Facebook