One of my hobbies is photography. I often take my DSLR, go out, and take some photos. It all begun years ago, when i got my first camera – I was about ~9 years old. It was a Fujifilm something something, without any piece of electronic but film instead. I don’t remember much from that piece of plastic, except that it wouldn’t keep open the shutter as long as i pressed the trigger. And that was a huge bummer since i wanted to take a long time exposure of the creek behind my house.

Eventually I wasn’t so excited anymore about that photography thing and took my dads camcorder which he entrusted to me . But apart of the build in effects, there wasn’t much creativity in that Hi8 filling¬†aluminium box. Well, at least the lens was stabilized..

At the age of 14 (iirc) I finally got my first digital still camera Рa Fujifilm something something.. again. Looking back from now it was worthless than a piece of crap pretty bad. But back then.. yeah.. quite crappy too, indeed.
But at least I got into photography again and bought myself a nice Sony DSC-W12.

Ahh.. my first true love.. that black thing with its 5 megapixel, 3x optical zoom, an optical viewfinder and somewhat expensive memory cards. I had it with me everywhere I went to. So I took it with me on a trip through Europe and guess what – some asshole stole it from me in Paris. Including about 300 pictures from Nice, Cannes and Paris. Hopefully that guy felt of the Eiffel Tower and died a painful death.

So I had to find a worthy successor which I found in my Canon EOS 400D, back in 2007. Now I could finally take a bulb photo of that f***ing creek!

And now, in 2012, that 400D evolved to a 550D, which is much more easy to use when you put on that ND filter.