Back with a vengeance

More than three years have passed since my last post and every year, when I got the bill from my hoster, I kept thinking “Dude, do you really, really need that blog?”. The answer was not conclusive. Probably because every time I thought about cancelling my subscription it was either too late or too soon and i forgot about it eventually. Who knew that I would find myself in a situation where I’d blog again.

Much has happened between this post and the previous one. I quit my job, got a bachelor degree in computer science, pulled through bad and good times, and recently started working again.

I kept my ties to web & web development and started as project manager for e-commerce & omni-channel for the biggest local player in sporting goods. Luckily this job also includes the possibility to develop in-house (web) applications so I’m able to satisfy my craving for application development at work while I’ll satisfy my passion for hard- & software experiments at home. In all this IT jungle I still pursue photography and music as a hobby to balance out the bit and byte overload.

Back with a vengeance

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