Profile picture privacy on Facebook


So, let’s pretend you’re looking for someone on Facebook with a very generic name, for example John Smith. You’ll get quite a long list with tiny pictures, which don’t really help you. So you click on a profile link and hope to get a better look at John there.

But damn you, John!

He restricted the accessibility to his profile pic and you can’t see the full size. How the hell would you know, if it’s the John you’re looking for?


Facebook, granted us with a special feature. Now, for example, let’s pretend we want to add Mark instead of John. So we look for Mark Zuckerberg. Since he is a man who likes to protect his privacy, you can only see the tiny preview-profile-picture. But fear not, with a little trick you’ll get what you want:

  • open your profile
  • open your profile picture and open it (with a right click) in a new tab/window
  • switch over to Mark’s profile and open his tiny profile picture (with a right click) in a new tab
  • copy the filename of his image and replace the filename of your picture (2) with it
  • ???

Brought to you by “Tales about Facebook’s privacy – now with extra irony“!

P.S.: I don’t know for sure, but this might work on your high school crush’s Facebook profile too..

Krakenhaus – Schlachross (live)

Here’s the new live video for “Krakenhaus – Schlachtross” shot at the “Banshee Scream Festival 2012“, a private party in Innsbruck (AT).

YouTube directlink

Unfortunately, still no chance on getting a direct sound signal. Fortunatelly, Peter gave me a helping hand by shooting with his 5D Mk II too.
Technical specifications just like for the previous video (Krakenhaus – Auf hoher See).

Krakenhaus – Auf hoher See (live)

About two weeks ago I shot a video for my friends from Krakenhaus while they were playing live at “Rock den Beichtstuhl” in Cermes(Tscherms), nearby Merano. Since now everybody seems to be happy with cut and co, I may present to you:

Krakenhaus – Auf hoher See (live)

YouTube directlink

Shot entirely with my Canon EOS 550D and the EF 50/1.8 with a little help from a monopod (Cullman Magnesit 525M). Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t as good as it could be due to lack of connectivity between recorder and mixer. Therefore it had to be recorded on mic, and mic is bad. Lesson learned. My man Peter over at phofer68 shot some pics too.

Merlot vintage 2012

A while ago, I had the chance to replace my beloved EOS 400D with an EOS 550D. I thought it was a good idea, because setting up a long time exposure (with a ND filter) with the 400D was kind of a pain in the ass. Even if you did everything right – a light nudge on the focus ring and everything was ruined. On the other hand, setting up a long time exposure with live view was as easy as taking candy from a baby – as long as you’re not Mr. Burns.

But, obviously that 550D wasn’t only good for long time exposures, and so – one sunny day – I rotated the mode wheel to movie. And yes, it was quite interesting, although I wasn’t very happy with the settings. So why not giving Magic Lantern a shot? And I did.

Even though I already uploaded a video (“Dolomity Tour“) a year ago, what you see here is my first “serious” video. So what’s the story.. The wine producer scheduled the vintage of  Merlot to October 4th and my dad asked me – like every year – for help. Unfortunately I wasn’t planing to shoot that day, so I wasn’t prepared at all. I had no tri-/monopod, I had no plan, not even my batteries were fully charged.
Nonetheless it worked out pretty well and so the movie shows the harvest of Merlot wine grapes and the delivery at the wine producer. It was shot on location in Andriano and at the Cantina Terlano in Terlano.

YouTube directlink

Canon EOS 550D with Magic Lantern v2.3.550D.109
Canon EF 50/1.8 II
Canon EF-S 10-22/3,5-4,5 USM

Music by Broke For Free – As Colorful As Ever licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

Web Intents

About a month ago I held a presentation about Web Intents at work. But what are Web Intents anyway and what are they good for?

  • Web Intents  handle the Intent of an action, for example sharing content after clicking a button
  • Web Intents are not applications. They just tell the client, what they want him to do
  • Web Intents are “blind“, because they don’t know which application will handle the requested action

But who or what does the job then? It’s your browser which knows what to do, because a Web Intent has registered itself, once the web service has been accessed in an earlier moment.

If you’d like to know more about Web Intents – get a quick overview – feel free to take a look at my roughly translated Google Presentation (en –, or the original one (de –

In my opinion, Web Intents are awesome. The idea of not messing around with Facebook and Google and Twitter and Pinterest (amongst many, many others) no more is wonderful. And users wont have to search their favorite web service for a certain activity anymore.

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