HAProxy for Docker containers

At work I am currently developing an application that provides some tools and represents aggregated data from different sources to facilitate the workflow in different departments. It basically consists of two applications, a single page application being the front-end, and a RESTful API as back-end.

The applications run in separate Docker containers on a virtual machine in the firm’s intranet, as well as a couple of other dockerized applications. In the beginning that ensemble worked quite well, because those applications were only used by specific persons or systems. So exposing different ports for different applications under the same domain was not that much of a problem. But that changed when the aforementioned SPA & API became more widely used. At one hand it isn’t that great to explain to (technically challenged) users – to use one and the same domain but different ports for their apps -, on the other it just ain’t pretty. And since change needed to happen I also wanted to route HTTP traffic over TLS. Because… why not?

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HAProxy for Docker containers

Putting the “custom” into beyerdynamic’s Custom Studio headphones

As usual it took me ages to find what I was looking for. This time I wanted a pair of closed on-/over-ear headphones with a neutral setup that would be suited for both music-listening and monitoring. After listening to various headphones by Sennheiser, Bose and Sony – that did not fully convince me – I took my chances by ordering a pair of beyerdynamic Custom Studio headphones. Closed over-ear headphones with velour ear cushions and a solid build quality that promised to deliver an overwhelming audio quality. Roughly a week after I placed my order I held them in my hands and couldn’t wait to plug them in.

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Quiz Nautico Base

In barca a vela da Riva del Garda verso Torbole

È dal duemiladieci che avevo un sogno, quello di andare in barca a vela. Non solo come passeggero ma come comandante. Quest’anno, ovvero l’anno scorso, l’ho incominciato a realizzare e mi sono iscritto a un corso presso una scuola nautica che finisce col esame per “la patente di abilitazione al commando di unità da diporto“.

Il modo migliore per prepararsi all’esame teorico è – come per la patente moto/macchina – quello di fare, e rifare, e rifa.. i quiz. Ma dato il fatto che non solo si tratta di 1.152 domande ma anche che sono una persona un po comoda, non volevo stamparli su carta. Perché da un lato non avrei avuto la voglia di portarmeli dietro ovunque e dal altro perché sarebbe uno spreco di carta (vedi punto uno).

Quindi ho preso il documento PDF con le domande, pubblicato dalla guardia costiera di Genova, e ho estratto tutte le informazioni che mi sono serviti per creare un’applicazione web che mi consentiva di usare qualsiasi browser per fare i quiz.

Alla fine la ho caricata su qnb.davole.com in modo tale che sia accessibile per chiunque.


Angular Pipes

Shortly after I started my new job, the need for a in-house tool to facilitate some processes and thereby the work of my colleagues became evident. While my predecessor already built a tool for that, he isn’t able to go on with it’s development and maintenance. Enter me with my web-application-development-passion. During my studies and side-projects I’ve already been in bed with AngularJS. Therefore it came only naturally to continue my walk down that road, even though Angular is quite a different story.

In the development process I’ve been and will be confronted with some new challenges, for creating some pipes:

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Angular Pipes

Bootstrap 3.3 LESS Variables

I am usually the lazy guy (as you guessed by my frequent blog posts) who starts a thirty minutes Google search before he thinks about doing something like that on his own. However, I didn’t find this list on page one of the search results so – of course – I assumed it didn’t exist at all. A few regex later and the following list of Bootstrap’s LESS variables was born.

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Bootstrap 3.3 LESS Variables

Back with a vengeance

More than three years have passed since my last post and every year, when I got the bill from my hoster, I kept thinking “Dude, do you really, really need that blog?”. The answer was not conclusive. Probably because every time I thought about cancelling my subscription it was either too late or too soon and i forgot about it eventually. Who knew that I would find myself in a situation where I’d blog again.

Much has happened between this post and the previous one. I quit my job, got a bachelor degree in computer science, pulled through bad and good times, and recently started working again.

I kept my ties to web & web development and started as project manager for e-commerce & omni-channel for the biggest local player in sporting goods. Luckily this job also includes the possibility to develop in-house (web) applications so I’m able to satisfy my craving for application development at work while I’ll satisfy my passion for hard- & software experiments at home. In all this IT jungle I still pursue photography and music as a hobby to balance out the bit and byte overload.

Back with a vengeance

Profile picture privacy on Facebook


So, let’s pretend you’re looking for someone on Facebook with a very generic name, for example John Smith. You’ll get quite a long list with tiny pictures, which don’t really help you. So you click on a profile link and hope to get a better look at John there.

But damn you, John!

He restricted the accessibility to his profile pic and you can’t see the full size. How the hell would you know, if it’s the John you’re looking for?


Facebook, granted us with a special feature. Now, for example, let’s pretend we want to add Mark instead of John. So we look for Mark Zuckerberg. Since he is a man who likes to protect his privacy, you can only see the tiny preview-profile-picture. But fear not, with a little trick you’ll get what you want:

  • open your profile
  • open your profile picture and open it (with a right click) in a new tab/window
  • switch over to Mark’s profile and open his tiny profile picture (with a right click) in a new tab
  • copy the filename of his image and replace the filename of your picture (2) with it
  • ???

Brought to you by “Tales about Facebook’s privacy – now with extra irony“!

P.S.: I don’t know for sure, but this might work on your high school crush’s Facebook profile too..

Profile picture privacy on Facebook